Midnight Pals is a comedic Twitter account that imagines what would happen if all your favorite horror writers were to gather around the campfire to tell scary stories like in the classic Nickelodeon TV series ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’

Stephen King, Dean Koontz, HP Lovecraft, Mary Shelley, Edgar Allen Poe, Clive Barker, and many more get lovingly skewered in these twitter threads, now collected in THREE books! You can find the digital versions of these books for sale in my itchio store or you can read the latest adventures of the Midnight Society for free at @midnight_pals on Twitter, bitterkarella on tumblr, midnightpals on bluesky, bitterkarella on Patreon, or @bitterkarella@sfba.social on Mastadon! Midnight Pals T-shirts and other merchandise is also available on our Redbubble store!

We’re also adapting Midnight Pals into an audio podcast: Submitted for the Approval of the Midnight Pals.





“With its ads for unfathomable telescopes and and haunted houses Midnight Pals 3 feels like you’re reading an old style comic or magazine that exists in another, more fun dimension. One where Max Booth III is a Coen Brothers character, where the gang have to find their way out of the Ackermansion, where Bram Stoker wrote a short story that made me belly laugh and where TERFs never win. Honestly made me five times jollier than I was before reading.”
–Madeleine Swann, author of The Sharp End of the Rainbow


“To be satirized is to be seen. Midnight Pals shines a bright light on our beloved genre to the delight of horror fans and authors alike–at least those who can take a joke. Spot on social commentary and bitingly accurate literary parodies form an essential online lore woven through with running gags and the underlying implication that we are all invited to gather round the campfire to participate. An absolute gift to the genre.”
–Joe Koch, author of Convulsive and The Wingspan of Severed Hands


“Karella’s Midnight Pals segments are like a delicious trail mix made of coffin nails, eyeballs, and teeth: juicy, crunchy, and surprisingly sharp.”
— Gretchen Felker-Martin, author of Manhunt


“The Midnight Society has long been one of the high points of my Twitter feed. Clever, subversive and merciless, Bitter Karella has created a marvellous satire of authors behaving badly, battling egoes and increasingly baroque in-jokes, which joyously skewers pretension, topples statues, and pokes fun at our literary heroes and legends. I’m delighted to be in their company.”
–Joanne Harris, author of Chocolat


“It’s no lie to say a career highlight so far was seeing myself featured on Midnight Pals on Twitter. I’ve long been a fan, and this book takes the best of those Twitter yarns and adds so much—the extra flash fictions, the What’s Haunting Your House flowchart, the amazing “advertisements”, and heaps more. Even the design and layout of the book is a delight. Real horror is, perhaps, if we reach a point where we can’t laugh at ourselves and laugh at the darkness. This book will test that theory. Hilarious and clever as hell, you won’t regret attending this meeting of the Midnight Pals.

–Alan Baxter, author of The Gulp and The Roo


”People will love it, or some will love to hate it and give you free publicity like spaghetti lawyer.”
–Bogleech, creator of Awful Hospital


“Oh my God, this is pretty funny!”
— Brian Keene, author of Earthworm Gods and Dark Hollow


“I was one of the authors included in the Midnight Society tweets.  Those tweets were unfair, oversimplified my interests, and stung my pride.  I’m pretty sure that means this is genius.”
— Richard Roberts, author of Wild Children and Quite Contrary


“HUGE NEVER-ENDING ENDORSEMENT.  Best entertainment thread in Twitter history!” 
— Gail Simone, writer for Birds of Prey, Secret Six, Deadpool, and Wonder Woman


“Midnight Pals is one of the greatest things to grace the hell that is social media! A loving tribute to the all-stars and obscure weirdos alike of horror literature.”
— Slimyswampghost, creator of Sirenhead and Longhorse


“The Midnight Pals make me laugh like nothing else online these days. It’s good!”
— Victor LaValle, author of The Ballad of Black Tom and The Changeling


“Midnight Pals Book 3 has a lot to offer hardcore fans and casual enjoyers alike. The witty extras are a visual feast packed with delightful guffaws. And the collections are a joy to revisit or read for the first time. If you are a fan of horror fiction and like to laugh, this is a must buy!”
— Eve Harms, author of Transmuted


“Keep your friends close but keep your Midnight Pals closer!”
— Betty Rocksteady, author of In Dreams We Rot and Arachnophile


“WARNING: Do NOT read while drinking any beverage, especially hot and / or fizzy ones as The Midnight Pals will make you laugh so hard it will come out your nose. Put your drink down and have a hilarious time with the funniest satire on horror fiction and its writers ever penned.”
–Buzz Dixon, writer for GI Joe, The Transformers, Thundarr the Barbarian, Jem